When to Seek Medical Help for Addiction

Either you or someone you know has a history of alcohol addiction or drug addiction or abuse, the following are the 5 signs of addiction that you must be attentive to in order to immediately seek for professional help.

Substance or alcohol use has become your priority
One indication of addiction is the point at which you prefer the consumption of your substance or alcohol other than the more important things in life. There even comes a point at which you are preoccupied by the thoughts of using the substance again and again. Instead of exercising or eating the right kinds of food or spend time with your loved ones, you tend to isolate yourself with your object of addiction.

You’re experiencing health issues due to the substance you’re using
Both physical and mental health issues occur with the prolonged use of controlled drugs or alcohol. All these can take a toll on your overall health together with depression. Drug or alcohol abuse, for instance, can cause liver diseases and certain types of cancer, as well as can distort the normal functioning of the brain which will eventually cause depression, anxiety, and some symptoms of psychosis.

Your dosage of intake is increasing
One of the most evident manifestations of the 5 signs of addiction is the increased intake dosage. In the earlier stage of substance use, the effects of being “high” is already intense because the body isn’t accustomed to the substance yet.

However, the body will eventually become used to, building a tolerance to either the drugs or alcohol. As the tolerance to the substance grows, the body will have the tendency to want for more, which signals the start of an addiction.

In the case of alcohol addicts, tolerance may grow more rapidly, thus a need for a rehab is important before alcohol intoxication can even happen. Rehab activities such as a yoga alcohol addicts must do are essential for their journey to sobriety.

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You develop mental instability
Some addicts abuse drugs or alcohol to mask or self-medicate an ongoing mental illness, but there are those who eventually develop a mental instability because of substance abuse. Whatever the reasons may be, addiction can modify the way you think, which will alter the normal behavior of the mind in the long run.

You are trying hard to quit but can’t
Once you have succumbed to addiction, quitting becomes an impossible feat. During a time of temporary sobriety, you tend to decide and make ways to overcome your cravings, but with no success. It is because your body will tend to develop a reaction that will compel you to use the substance again.

Some symptoms (more like withdrawal symptoms) are nausea, tremors, anxiety, excessive sweating, sleeplessness, and more. With these symptoms, your mind will lead you to use the substance again.

Once you develop the above-mentioned 5 signs of addiction, you need to seek professional health. For more information about addiction rehabilitation, visit The Next Step for your ultimate recovery or next recovery for relapse.