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The state of New South Wales, with Sydney as its capital city and the most populous city in Australia and Oceania, is said to have a fast-growing ageing population for some regions. The suburb of Parramatta’s population consisting those 65 years old and above made up the 12.2% of the total population during the 2016 census. This number can still grow in the years to come, making the Parramatta aged care services a considerable option for residents.

Parramatta aged care

Why plan ahead?

For most seniors, the fear of moving to an aged care facility overwhelms them, that they would wait for an emergency to happen before making the decision of moving in. Planning ahead for the later years of your life will make you and your family make decisions with confidence.

Discussing with your family about the possibility of you moving in an aged care Sydney has when the time comes that you can no longer take care of yourself will set in everyone’s mind the readiness to do so. You can also start searching for possible aged care facilities, just like the Arcare Sydney, which can give you the services that you might eventually need. Visit us at Arcare Glenhaven

Take an ACAT Assessment

An ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment is required from an elderly who needs the approval for services that are funded by the government and who will be eligible for entering an aged care facility. The assessment team can determine which type of care you will need if you prefer to stay in your home while receiving assistance for some daily chores.

Once you pass the ACAT assessment, you will be funded by the government for a 12-month period. So, whether you want the Parramatta aged care services or from other Sydney-based aged care services, you can assure that you are backed by the government for 1 year.

Different Kinds of Aged Care

Depending on the ACAT assessment results, you will need either of the following types of care.

  • In-home support

Even if your capability of living alone has declined, you can still live independently in your own home but with the help of a home care aide. A Parramatta aged care centre or other aged care facilities in Sydney can provide you with the in-house aged care suitable for your situation.

  • Low-level residential care

Low-level residential care includes giving you some help in your home, especially with doing the laundry, cleaning the house, cutting the grass, and other chores that you can no longer do alone. This type of care also includes respite care if your caregiver needs a break.

  • High-level residential care

This type of care is provided by aged care facilities to those who need round-the-clock attention and special care from medical professionals. This is usually given in nursing homes and aged care facilities to elderly who can no longer take care of themselves because of age-related illnesses. Even so, this type of care also includes respite care.

Choosing the Right Aged Care Provider

When choosing the right nursing home Oatlands or any suburbs in New South Wales have, you need to set a list of determining factors to set your benchmark. Some of the things that you must do are:

  • Compare a wide range of aged care providers
  • Weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of in-home compared to residential care
  • Make a checklist when visiting home cares
  • Check the management and staffing of the home cares you visit
  • Check whether they have special training for care intended for dementia patients
  • Do your own research about their client feedback and comments online
  • Make sure that they are transparent enough to give emphasis on your rights and responsibilities

Whether you opt for in-home or residential care, knowing the full measure of your right and responsibilities will give you the peace of mind. Also, knowing about the benefits of moving into an aged care will give your family the confidence that you will be doing well despite the illnesses that may come up in relation to ageing.